Monday, June 28, 2010

re: Palm Springs!

Just got back from my sister's bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs. I need a nap! Lots of fun, but just being outside in that heat was exhausting (I assume this is why we were exhausted after a day of laying by the pool.) Darling little boutique hotel, with funky lanterns in the olive trees, and neatly clipped boxwood hedges. The whole color scheme was black and white and yellow. I stayed by the pool late in the afternoon while the rest of the girls were primping to go out, and painted the pool. The colors are so vibrant in the desert, and the air is so thin there's no atmospheric perspective. We weren't so sure if we weren't on a giant movie set...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well school is out, and the livin' is easy! I wish that were true... out of the frying pan, and into the fire is more like it! I'm in the midst of a Boy Scout crisis; our local council is in debt, and in danger of losing its land. Nothing like a crisis to get the blood flowing, huh? I am leading a charge to recycle ourselves out of debt. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get the last of Act 1 done on my graphic novel for the SCBWI conference in July. Hoping to snag some interest there. This is a splash page of Sam and Jade. This summer should bring me a website, and Surfside Girls' own website as well (I'm very inspired by Axe Cop!)