Thursday, April 29, 2010

re: hedgehog

Okay, I'm putting the hedgehog close-up out there by itself.


I finished this piece this morning. I am particularly happy with the hedgehog. So so sad they're illegal in California, although, if I had one as a pet, I would probably not be very productive, so maybe it's for the best.

The wind's blowing today, making everything look alive. My connection with the outdoors is really driving this seasons book. I remember a time during the Disney animation days, on Hercules in particular, where I would go in to work in the early morning dark, and leave work in the late evening dark. Working in the basement of the building, there would be entire days where I would have missed what the weather was doing. I remember one day in particular, where I left work to find puddles all over the parking lot, and I realized it had rained all day, and I didn't even know. That kind of disconnect, for me at least, is very unhealthy, and I am so happy to be painting in my office/ sunroom, looking out over the pond, and seeing the trees blow! Grateful!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

re: the Huntington

I had a delightful time on Saturday at the Huntington Library and Gardens. The Orange County chapter of SCBWI went on a sketching/lunch/children's book art viewing trip. The weather was perfect, the company was delightful, and wow! to see original Arthur Rackham illustrations, amazing and delicate Kate Greenaway watercolors, and discovering Jessie Marion King... it was pretty close to a perfect day. If you live in Southern California, and have not discovered the Huntington, it is an amazing jewel that you owe it to yourself to see. I think it is a perfect example of way way way too much money, done right. To be able to collect all of those plant specimens, master works of art, and (?) the Gutenberg Bible, and then to ultimately give it up to the public, seems to me to be money with a higher calling. Thank you!
I am posting a bit of work; I've been extremely busy, but working on several different projects simultaneously. These are two sketches I did on my new Canson sketch pad (wonderful paper texture,) also a page from a new quiet book I'm working on about the Seasons, and then two panels from the last page I've done for Surfside Girls, which I'm particularly proud of.