Thursday, January 22, 2009

I did a couple little pen and ink and watercolor sketches trying to figure out what the "Rokkit" looks like- the Rokkit is Sam's mom's moped that the girls end up "borrowing" while in hot pursuit of a clue.  I did some online research trying to figure out which body style I wanted to use.  There are some really cute mopeds out there!  And then, after choosing my reference photo and making some sketches, it came driving down my street!  Weird!  A bunch of moms and I who were chit-chatting out front flagged it down and I took some reference photos.  What are the odds? I added the custom paint job to the Rokkit,  and the ridiculous helmets, to give it some character.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow, it's good to live in paradise.  I needed some photo reference for Surfside Girls (the graphic novel) so I took my waterproof digital camera to Laguna, and paddled out on my big ol' Infinity longboard while Ethan was in school.  Santa Anas are blowing today, and the water was so glassy and clear I could see straight to the bottom; saw garibaldi, kelp forests- amazing!  Got some great shots of what I was looking for, and thought I'd share. Mind you, it's January, and I got too warm in my shortie wetsuit and had to cool down on the beach in my bikini after paddling. I met a guy out there in a kayak who said he saw a whale yesterday.  I kept hoping, but no luck this time.

Oh,  I'm posting a little three-panel of Sam surfing.  It's kind of how I feel today. I'm going to be making this into a t-shirt with the SSG logo on the back.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So today Ethan and I are going up to San Pedro after school to the International Bird Rescue Research Center to "adopt a pelican" (make a donation.)  Turns out our local pelican population is being hammered by some sort of flu or poison which is leaving them dizzy and disoriented; they are being found inland in people's backyards, walking circles on highways- all sorts of odd behavior.  We're big pelican fans, and pelicans play a part in the world I've created for my graphic novel.  I'm posting a picture of "Jurrasic," the pelican character in my book,  and a picture of Peet, the boy who found him.  Peet is convinced he's found a baby dinosaur  (and if you've seen a baby pelican, you'd understand why, honestly!)  Peet is the little brother of the protagonist.  I'm working to get that four page story up on this blog,  but for now at least you'll meet a couple of the characters.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh my gosh, I'm blogging!  This is, they say, what people do now, so I figure I'd better give it a shot.  I'm Kim, a surfer, an artist, an athlete, a mom and a wife.  This seems like a cool way to share artwork and stay in touch with other arty friends.  Hi friends!  I'm currently in grad school at CSUF, and I'd like to post my progress as I take these amazing classes.  Plus, I'm working on a graphic novel for tweeny girls in watercolor- totally excited about this- and I think I'd like to share little snippets with the public.

Bear with me as I get the hang of this.  Anyway, this is my favorite painting from my Plein Air class; I'm learning to paint in oils, which is hard for me since I'm such a line junkie.  What?  Lose my lines?  Can't I just do this in watercolor?  But no, it's been a great experience doing my two favorite things, being outside and doing art.