Monday, January 12, 2009


So today Ethan and I are going up to San Pedro after school to the International Bird Rescue Research Center to "adopt a pelican" (make a donation.)  Turns out our local pelican population is being hammered by some sort of flu or poison which is leaving them dizzy and disoriented; they are being found inland in people's backyards, walking circles on highways- all sorts of odd behavior.  We're big pelican fans, and pelicans play a part in the world I've created for my graphic novel.  I'm posting a picture of "Jurrasic," the pelican character in my book,  and a picture of Peet, the boy who found him.  Peet is convinced he's found a baby dinosaur  (and if you've seen a baby pelican, you'd understand why, honestly!)  Peet is the little brother of the protagonist.  I'm working to get that four page story up on this blog,  but for now at least you'll meet a couple of the characters.

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