Thursday, August 4, 2011

Junior Lifeguards Seal Beach

This has been an awesome summer. Today I hung at the beach while the boy had Junior Lifeguards, since I knew he was jumping off the pier and my husband requested a picture. So I sat on the beach thumbnailing out the next Surfside Girls page, then went for a run and swim in the ocean, sketched some Junior Lifeguard antics that will most certainly make it into Surfside Girls somehow, then took picture of said boy. I think this is the happiest time in my motherhood to date. I used to teach JGs at Laguna Beach and Lake Mission Viejo. It's the greatest thing in the world to see how it changes your kid for the awesomer.

I asked him on the way home if he could just stay ten forever; I could drive him to the beach everyday, and either surf or run or go home and paint, then I would pick him up with some Carl's Junior burger to feed the machine, and we'd go home and hang out. I wish it would never end. Maybe that's why I'm funneling so much into my book; it will remain immortal there...