Thursday, July 28, 2011


Summer is when I'm at my Kimmiest. Lots of beach runs, pool workouts, surfing, and painting painting painting! A busy one, this summer is! It's been too long since I blogged, so let's catch up.

I was invited in to a Studio Group called Studio 5, with some really really talented people. We will be having a show at the Thacher Gallery at USF the last weekend in September through October. It will be a blast to be up there doing workshops with people!

I'm also in a couple of shows at CSUF; the Art for Health show in October, and one I'm curating, the Art of the LA Times Kids Reading Room show, also in October. Because I didn't feel I had enough in October, I am also going to APE, the Alternative Press Expo, in San Francisco October 1 and 2nd. I'll have Surfside Girls printed up, at least the first 30 pages, with buttons and t-shirts.

Oh. AND I'm teaching at CSULB and CSUF in Fall. So this summer has been a ton of prep for a ton of things. I'm posting some Art in the Park photos, which I teach occasionally and are put on by my friend Trish ( as well as a new piece I'm working on. The color palette was (stolen) borrowed from Carl Larsson, one of my favorites. The piece is from a new book I'm working on, which is a really funny one if I do say so myself. I work alone a lot, and I have to crack myself up or I get bored...