Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow. This has been the wackiest week. I feel like I used to after finishing a film. Getting an MFA is like throwing a wedding and giving birth. I have lived through both things, but never at the same time! I took the show down Thursday after I taught figure drawing, and was a little sad. I felt like a princess all week, holding court in my gallery of artwork, and answering questions when professors brought classes in. Thank you to all of you who helped paint the gallery and who came to celebrate with me. Special thanks to Melissa (Jade) who came out from Colorado, and Anders Swanson, awesome on the ukelele. I feel very blessed to have all of these awesome friends! Oh, and not to be forgotten, Penelope the Wahine Wienie, pet dog of Laura. She had asked if she could bring her dog, and I replied certainly not, unless it was in appropriate Hawaiian attire. We got a good laugh imagining the "walnut bra" covering all ten teats! I doodled it immediately in my studio, and scanned it to share. I got a really great response for Surfside Girls, fingers crossed friends, I want to see it in print. I am posting photos of the event if you weren't able to make it. Find more in my facebook album.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

re: Robert

I had to come up with some theory on how to paint the ghosts on the cliff in my book. If they're totally see-through, they disappear. If they look too white they look solid. I feel like I captured Robert, the boy-pirate-ghost love interest, well in this one. I am embarking on one of the last pieces for the show; all of the ghosts on the cliff. Lots of perspective and characters and it's important to get it just right.

I was blessed enough to spend Monday morning in Bob Singer's studio. Bob was a character designer, among countless other things, for Hanna-Barbara. He was responsible for Fred Flintstone and Scooby, etc. Woo. My life is a fairytale! I showed him my struggles with the piece, and he taught me so much so quickly, explaining what he would have done and why.

Too long a discussion to have now, as I have to get back to work, but I've been telling my classes how important it is to be just like Bob: eager, enthusiastic, positive, hard-working, and most of all, willing to share. What an inspiration.

Anyhow, enjoy Robert. I adore him.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Grad show in 15 days. Eeeeek. Not in bad shape, but I keep thinking of one more way it could be more awesome. Yeah, like I need more stress. Anyhow, just inked this page and thought I'd post a little piece of it before I paint because I wish I could do this right now...

This is the grad show invite too. Woo hoo!