Thursday, March 10, 2011

re: Robert

I had to come up with some theory on how to paint the ghosts on the cliff in my book. If they're totally see-through, they disappear. If they look too white they look solid. I feel like I captured Robert, the boy-pirate-ghost love interest, well in this one. I am embarking on one of the last pieces for the show; all of the ghosts on the cliff. Lots of perspective and characters and it's important to get it just right.

I was blessed enough to spend Monday morning in Bob Singer's studio. Bob was a character designer, among countless other things, for Hanna-Barbara. He was responsible for Fred Flintstone and Scooby, etc. Woo. My life is a fairytale! I showed him my struggles with the piece, and he taught me so much so quickly, explaining what he would have done and why.

Too long a discussion to have now, as I have to get back to work, but I've been telling my classes how important it is to be just like Bob: eager, enthusiastic, positive, hard-working, and most of all, willing to share. What an inspiration.

Anyhow, enjoy Robert. I adore him.

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