Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow, it's good to live in paradise.  I needed some photo reference for Surfside Girls (the graphic novel) so I took my waterproof digital camera to Laguna, and paddled out on my big ol' Infinity longboard while Ethan was in school.  Santa Anas are blowing today, and the water was so glassy and clear I could see straight to the bottom; saw garibaldi, kelp forests- amazing!  Got some great shots of what I was looking for, and thought I'd share. Mind you, it's January, and I got too warm in my shortie wetsuit and had to cool down on the beach in my bikini after paddling. I met a guy out there in a kayak who said he saw a whale yesterday.  I kept hoping, but no luck this time.

Oh,  I'm posting a little three-panel of Sam surfing.  It's kind of how I feel today. I'm going to be making this into a t-shirt with the SSG logo on the back.

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