Thursday, April 29, 2010


I finished this piece this morning. I am particularly happy with the hedgehog. So so sad they're illegal in California, although, if I had one as a pet, I would probably not be very productive, so maybe it's for the best.

The wind's blowing today, making everything look alive. My connection with the outdoors is really driving this seasons book. I remember a time during the Disney animation days, on Hercules in particular, where I would go in to work in the early morning dark, and leave work in the late evening dark. Working in the basement of the building, there would be entire days where I would have missed what the weather was doing. I remember one day in particular, where I left work to find puddles all over the parking lot, and I realized it had rained all day, and I didn't even know. That kind of disconnect, for me at least, is very unhealthy, and I am so happy to be painting in my office/ sunroom, looking out over the pond, and seeing the trees blow! Grateful!


  1. This looks awesome, Kim!! I love the little blue birdies! Heehee! I know what you mean about feel disconnected sometimes. I get that feel sometimes even just from working in my room all day. Even though I can look out the window whenever I want, it's just not the same as actually being outside! Keep posting your projects! I love seeing them!

  2. It's really beautiful! - the way the trees are designed around the animals- awesome

  3. Thanks Lauren and Kelly! One of the hard things about living in So Cal like we do, Lauren, is that just about everyday is gorgeous and beckons! I don't know that I could handle a winter in an old farmhouse like Kelly, although it looks so gorgeous I might be willing to try- but it seems like foul weather would take away some of that temptation...