Saturday, March 7, 2009


I had to write something for my church on Psalm 92 as part of Lent inspirational readings.   "I sing for joy at the works of your hands" has been so on my mind lately, and I'll tell you that, for me, nowhere is it more evident than in watching bugs.  Bugs!  Insects!  Have you been in your backyard lately and watched the tremendous amount of work that gets done on a daily basis by bugs?  And then you get to looking at them up close, and wow!  There is some amazing, wacky, creative, inspired design there!  I've had my mantis out since the days are getting warmer, and I just live to see her move her head.  I swear that we're going to find out that they're either extra-terrestrial, or animatronic.  And sentient...

Anyway, this katydid was in my yard and I ran for my camera, and did a study of her.  She will be the subject in my series on the Domestic Life of Bugs.  Stay tuned.

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