Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

The holidays are over and my break is just beginning! Ethan is back in school, and I have no shopping/decorating/baking Christmas craziness to get after, so I have thrown myself into Surfside Girls Website Creation Mode (SSGWCM for you military brats like me.) I am itching to make art, too, so I've started on some cool things which I will post when I'm farther along. Because I've been computer-bound, I figured I'd put up the illo for our Christmas party. It's inspired me to do more black and white!

Kevin Wood of my writing group has declared 2011 The Year of Woody. I appreciate the sentiment, but actually get more behind making it The Year of Kim. It's very refreshing, and I recommend you try it. The Year of (insert your name here.) Tell people! And then accomplish it! Lot of potential energy in a new year... ride that wave!

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