Monday, May 16, 2011

almost summer!

Well, it's almost summer but it doesn't feel that way. I spent Saturday at the SCBWI event "Agents Day" in Newport Beach, trying to find someone who might help me get Surfside Girls published. More than one agent commented on how they didn't think Southern California in May was grey and drizzley! However, things are winding down, school is ending, grades are due, and I have faith that in a short while I will be face down in some warm sand. Yum.

The picture is of Joe, figure drawing model extraordinaire. I introduced sequential gesture to my class. Joe is great and totally fired up, even though he had been modeling all day and would have been happier if I wanted a one hour sustained reclining pose! I never ever get a chance to really focus on drawing when I'm teaching because I'm moving around the classroom helping students. But these poses were so good, and Joe is so great, I couldn't help myself. Sequential gesture is what made me want to animate. I think these are five minute poses. Thanks, Joe!

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