Saturday, October 29, 2011

APE sketches!

I promised to put them up, and I've been swamped. You know things are not right as a beach girl when you go in to your twice-yearly visit to your dermatologist, who routinely berates you for your outdoor lifestyle, and he is PLEASED to see you haven't been in the sun. PLEASED! It is not for lack of want, I have just been glued to my chair (buttglue!) bustin' out projects. My NDAs don't let me post work, so it looks like I've just been lazy. NOT the case, as my pasty skin confirms.

Here are the sketches of characters I found roaming APE in San Francisco. Since we're close to Halloween, I figured they'd be relevant. I will post both my boy's Halloween costume (made by mom) and also Sam and Jade's from my book.

By the way, I'm battling back from the pastiness. We had a highly competitive family gave of Bocci Ball down at Seal Beach this morning...

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