Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ho ho. One day to go in this semester, I've finished the last project, and it's not midnight! I guess I get to watch House after all...
This is for digital illustration class. I think it's my most successful digital illustration yet, because I did most of it traditionally. I photographed the little tin guys (so cute! Thanks Millie and Jeff!,) then drew it, inked it, and colored it in photoshop. My friend Erin introduced me to the work of Tomer Hanuka, who has the most awesome sense of color. Inspirational! Anyway, it's called "Wind Up" and it's all of the little robot caffeine junkies waiting for their morning cuppa jo. Just looking at their psycho painted eyes gave me the idea. Incidentally, I am (once again) trying to give up caffeine. You should see my eyes...


  1. this drawing is phenomenal. i love all the little details. great robot designs.

    i wandered over from thetoymakers' website, since I check up on MSW frequently. I had to comment on this one, as it is great.


  2. Thanks William,
    I have a friend who collects these little tin wind up things, and they spent about a month in my studio as I lit and photographed and drew them. They were scattered all about, on my iMac, around my animation desk. I was miserably sad when I had to give them back. I may need to put them on my Christmas wish list...