Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day! I don't really know what Boxing Day is. I have various friends from Down Under, and I never really got a satisfactory answer out of them when I asked. Some say it has to do with the (?) Boxer Rebellion. Some say it's when you box up all the things you got for Christmas that don't fit and take them back. I don't know. They do love to wish it to you though.
Today the Cub Scouts had a fishing derby. Actually, it was kind of a trial run to see if they knew how to cast before we got really serious. No actual fish were caught, so by default we honored the kid who caught the biggest tree. If you want to stock up on hooks and bobbers and things, find out where cub scouts are practicing casting, and then scale the trees. We all had a great time, though, except for the worms, which Cubmaster John made sure to name before they were sacrificed. Enjoy some watercolor and pen and ink sketches from the trip.


  1. Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation of Boxing Day:

  2. Thanks, Alec. I suppose if I had servants, I would honor this holiday, and let them off the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, though, I am still chief cook and bottle washer, so I suppose all I get is to experience the good sales. Maybe that's the middle-class version...