Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've been multitasking lately, which means I've been really busy and not quite done with anything. That's not a bad place to be- there's a lot of possibility in potential energy, right? I've been writing and drawing on the graphic novel, working on a new Domestic Life of Bugs piece, and then there's Eejm. I finished the illustration, but haven't finished the flag. I am den mom of a Bear Cub den, and I am very interested in getting my boys out hiking. We hiked (and summited!) the highest "peak" in Long Beach: Signal Hill. I got to thinking that no explorer went out into the wilderness without a proper identifying flag, so I did an Illustrator version of the coffee-can totem pole my Bears created. They named him Eejm, which is Ethan, Eli, Justin and Micha. I will now print this onto iron-on transfer paper, iron it onto white fabric, trim it with navy blue, punch in the grommets, and tie it to the stick. We'll be ready to conquer the next peak!

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