Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodness! I am posting the drawing I'm wrestling with right now; it will someday soon be a watercolor, but for right now it remains a thick tangle of furniture, bug legs, and perspective. Ouch! Hurting my brain! Thankfully I have a light box, which means I will eventually be able to decipher which line lies on top of which, and will blissfully begin my graphite transfer. How does a gossipy bug cross her legs? How does a mantis grip her coffee, without spilling or impaling it? Does a beetle torso bend enough to sit properly in a chair? There may be people out there grappling with more difficult questions right now, like health care or acceleration pedals, but I've got to believe that these questions rank right up there. Stay tuned for watercolor...


  1. The drawing is beautiful. I sometimes wish we could just get our sketches published- they have so much life that can get lost in the finish

  2. Some of those questions COULD be answered with: you are allowed to use artistic licence to make the image work. :)

  3. Thanks Kelly- when I was working in animation, I always felt the uncolored pencil animation was so much prettier than the painted! I totally agree...

    And Lauren- oh yeah... I always forget about the license! I don't ever want it to look TOO much like the drawings in my car's owner's manual!