Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I just finished a piece to send up to LucasArts. That was fun. I've never really done the fan art thing, but Ira asked if I would put something in a charity auction up there, and wanted to know what I'd do with Ahsoka. A spunky girl character? Of course she has to be surfing! I put a logo on the piece for Kashyyk, the Wookiee planet that has really good surf. Sounding mighty geeky, I know, but having an eight year old boy means we are firmly entrenched in Star Wars and Clone Wars and all that- not that I don't like it too! I scanned both my transfer drawing (almost nothing makes me happier than a freshly graphite transfered drawing on stretched paper,) and my finished watercolor.


  1. That is the AWESOME! The guys are watching New Hope right now.

    Just beautiful!

  2. Thanks Marilyn. I do believe my geek index number has jumped as a result of the fan-art...