Tuesday, March 23, 2010

re: spring cleaning

It's warming up, I'm sitting here with my studio door open onto the garden. Yummy! I've been pretty darn productive lately, although it's mostly been busting out more graphic novel pages, and I don't post those (yet...) This time of year I have to fight the urge to go spend all day in the garden or at the beach... good for generating ideas, but not so great for getting things finished. That takes buttglue, and buttglue and gorgeous spring days don't get on so well! I finished the charity piece for my son's school, and finally am getting to post it. The other sketch is of our Graduate Studios and orange tree at CSUF. The Chair of our Illustration department (and all around wonderful guy) asked us to do some plein air sketching around the department for a project he's putting together. The rest of today will be about finishing the Domestic Life of Bugs piece "Coffee," and putting the final touches on a landscape design. Maybe if I work really hard I'll have a little time to peek at the ocean...

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