Thursday, April 14, 2011

collaboration 2 and Leilani

My illustrator group is breaking up. I'm devastated. So many amazing people, and I know I'll stay in touch with all of them, but there is just something reassuring about knowing that a group meets at a certain time and place every month, and without that regularity I know it will be a lot harder to keep in touch. Marilyn (the Toymaker) and Veronica have hosted for five years. Sheesh. That's a big commitment. I don't know how I would have found my way without them.

I'm graduating with my MFA in May, just bought my cap and gown (I could really find a much more attractive outfit for $100) and that means that that group is breaking up too. Waa. Ten of us are graduating this semester from CSUF. All of the artists are amazing, and it, too, has been a great group to be part of. If you aren't doing anything for the next eight Saturday nights, you should head over to campus and check out the art. Katy Betz and Frans Kusuma are this weekend. Great stuff. Plus, they're always catered, so it's a cheap date night.

So I guess I'm really fortunate to have my writers group. I am groupy, if you haven't gotten that already, and being a Marine Corps Brat, I hate hate hate endings and goodbyes because my childhood was so full of them. I just got back, got great feedback on my latest page, inspiration for a new Surfside Girls cover for SCBWI's Agents Day, and support for plan B. I am posting the finished Leilani painting I did as a demo for class yesterday, as well as an anatomy handout I did, just because anatomy is so darn cool.

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