Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my visit with Kelly Light

SCBWI is such a cool organization. A couple of years ago, Kelly Light popped up on my blog. She is an illustrator from the East Coast who had grabbed my card from the Summer Conference, and we began to correspond. Turns out we have a similar background in animation, are moms and love lines. Plus, she reminds me a ton of my cousin Patty. We totally hit it off, and talked in person at last year's summer conference. We spent Easter with my Aunt in Massachusetts (just got back) and I thought while I was back there I'd give her a call. Kelly was kind enough to make time for me, even though she's on a deadline, and we went to the Eric Carle museum and then had a cuppa coffee. Talked shop. Totally fun! Kelly's got this great little house they've remodeled that's a little retreat- I had been following its progress on her blog. Darling place. I'm so glad we got to get together- being an illustrator can be a bit isolated. SCBWI did its job, and introduced us. Thanks for a fun visit, Kelly!

You can see her amazing work at, or follow her blog at


  1. I LOVED seeing you! can't wait for LA to hang more!!

  2. How fun! Glad you had a great time! :)