Sunday, December 11, 2011

happy holidays...

The semester's winding down... I can't believe it's here already. While I'm terrifically happy to get some rest, it's also a little sad. I really do enjoy the classroom and it's always sad to know all those young people are launching out into the world. I guess it's just the mom in me, maybe it's too close to home with my own.

I am looking forward to a whole ton of stuff, which when I really think about it is not going to get me much rest. Painting the porch, organizing my office, relandscaping the front, creating a new personal website, doing some experimental art stuff, and maybe even working in some morning surfs! Cuando muerto, duermo, right?

Here's a piece I did as a demo in class working in shaved graphite. I borrowed the subject matter from another of my paintings, but the treatment gives it a whole different vibe.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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