Friday, December 2, 2011

Surfside Girls hits page 40!

So it's Friday, TG as they say... and today is totally totally momentous in that Surfside Girls has hit page 40, which to me is an awesome milestone. To celebrate I figured I'd chronicle the making of this page. I've never posted a pencil before, so here it is. I noticed in scanning it- it has to be scanned in two sections and put together in Photoshop- that there is (?) moisture condensed under the glass on part of my scanner. Yuck! This may account for the icky blue color I'm getting.

I didn't spend much time dealing with the blue color, as I'm off to ink now and then paint this afternoon. But anyway, I'm always fascinated with how people work, so hopefully you'll enjoy this.

By the way, since we're sharing, I'm considering starting a post somewhere, maybe facebook, where all of us arty types post pictures of our workspaces. I will edit out anyone who looks too neat and organized, as it may fuel my insecurity about the state of my desk! No, kidding, what I may do is ask you organized types how you maintain that!

Happy Friday. :)

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