Monday, January 9, 2012


Happy New Year!

My word of the year is EXPLORE. It is my motto and resolution. Note how nicely that resolution does not have anything to do with not eating cookies or keeping my office tidy? NOT a coincidence! I figure, know what you're good at and go with it, right?

Anyhow, the kid is back in school, the husband is back at work. I even put the dog out. My family is lovely and I adore them, but they took turns being sick all vacation. By the grace of God (or the fact that I'm a woman and who else would make them food?) I didn't get sick myself. However, not much drawin' got accomplished. Therefore, here I am, chompin' at the bit to redo the Surfside Girls website, thumbnail out my daily 10 pages for fairy godmother agent, and start the KidLitChat picture book challenge (see my facebook wall if you're interested.)

I wish all of you a delightful 2012 full of energy and creativity. Yes, the economy is icky, but historically this is when opportunity is born, right? Put on your creative beanies, take some deep breaths, and let's dive in!


  1. I love it... EXPLORE! Adventure is out there! A much healthier 2012 resolution than my long list of 'never gonna happen' stuff :) Here's to an amazing year, Kim!

  2. Oooh Katie and you'll be my partner in crime this year I just know! Big hugs my friend!

  3. You are taking off and I am so proud and so frickin' excited for you! an agent! WAHOO!! Full steam ahead! OOK (and that's Maruki, Mike!) Miss you!