Saturday, January 21, 2012

How SoCal Goes Sledding and Artist Playdate results

It has been a most magical week... writing (rewriting) is going well, and I was able to finish up what I started at Marilyn Scott-Water's artist playdate last week. I am so hooked on this concept!
Free creating! Woo hoo! I told my illustrator group at our monthly meeting last week how much fun this is, and they convinced me to have an ARTIST PLAYDATE at my house. It is going to be one heck of an estrogen fest (although men are welcome, we were definitely women-heavy that meeting- especially since Jennifer Olsen brought her two-week old baby!) Probably twenty intensely talented illustrator ladies, some cardboard, bubble wrap, sparkly paint... I can't wait to see what magic this yields! I will have to post our group result.

So anyhow, this is my Elf and Ermine; I brought a National Geographic photo, as well as my boarding pass folder from Frontier Airlines, the cardboard from a Hickory Farms gift from best-friend Melissa (she wants to make sure my husband gets red meat at least once a year!), Sharpies and scrapbook paper. When I do this at my house in February my goal is to work BIG.

On a totally different note, our Long Beach schools get out early on Thursdays, and I decided to take my son and his buddy California Sledding. Seal Beach, my favorite little beach town on the planet, uses earth-mover machines every Fall to put up a big sand berm on the South side of the pier to protect the beachfront homes and boardwalk. We took skimboards and boogie boards and surfed the darn hill. Too much fun! I have cute photos and videos of the boy and his friend, but I have to admit I did rock the hill surfing as well, but photographers never get in the pictures...

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