Saturday, February 25, 2012 and broccoli

Okay, so maybe the title is a little disjointed, but I am very excited about a couple of recent occurrences. First, I illustrated an ebook for a great little company called Intuary. If you're a mom friend of mine and have a little one who is versed in the iPad (aren't all kids?) you should check out their launch of a new website called For a small fee you get new ebooks weekly which are viewable on your iPad. I illustrated an updated fable called The Wizard's Test. It was a little complicated in that I painted it traditionally in watercolor and colored pencil, and then cut it all apart in Photoshop and put it on different levels which may be animated in the future. A good fun project for sure, and they were lovely to work with. They even came and visited the Surfside Girls booth at APE when I was there (they're San Francisco based, and very young-and-hip.)

Only slightly less exciting is the fact that for the first time ever, thanks to my amazing Urban Gardener Supermom friend Cassie a few doors down, I put in my first winter garden, and we're eating fresh broccoli! So awesome! I realize that I am enough of a suburban girl that I am thunderstruck-amazed at growing my own food. People from the midwest must be rolling their eyes at my giddiness. However, it is so much more fulfilling to eat fresh out of the garden than make the daily trek to the market. I hope I never lose this wonder for the little plants! Speaking of friend Cassie, please do check out her blog, where she teaches even the lamest of suburbanites not only how to grow the food, but how to cook it as well. All with stellar writing skills and an artist's eye for photography. I'm just a teeny bit jealous... her blog is

Not wanting to steal the thunder of both of these events, I will post again soon as tomorrow I have an illo out in the LA Times that I'm really fond of, AND I ran a 5K this morning and actually took third in my age group. It's been a good week!


  1. Are those star wars cookie cutter heads i spy in your kitchen? lolz! love home grown food, my roomie used to grow stuff all the time and it was great! (we even had chickens and fresh eggs and everything!) and love the farfaria link! so gonna share it with the kids i volunteer with, tho not sure if they have ipads, but im sure those who do will love it :D

    1. Yeees... the force is strong in you! Pancake makers, actually, although they don't work fabulously and I like them more as decoration! I so want chickens...