Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's been a week of solid freelance. I busted out a lot of work this week and feel I deserve some face-down-in-the-sand time. Woo hoo! I finished a cool little Flash animation for a client, and the new Surfside Girls page, plus all of the work for this last CSUF class, which is a 45 minute video presentation on video artist Diana Thater, best known for her work on The Cove. Today I'm speaking at the LA Society of Illustrators with my friend Marilyn Scott-Waters and Professor Cliff Cramp, and I have one more little painting to finish. I predict beach time tomorrow morning after church.

All of this productiveness is really not helping my tan. Or really the cleanliness of my office. I think I'm going to start scheduling in beach and cleaning time. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping a creative space clean? That doesn't involve a ton of money?

I'm posting some things that have been done for a while, and some I finished last night. :)

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