Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Canada!

Just got back from a MUCH NEEDED vacation to the Great White North. Some good friends had a son get married, and we went to the reception in Saskatchewan, and then on to the end of the known universe, the Stockman Lodge Fish Camp. So so beautiful- after driving across most of Canada, then float-planing (!) in to an island, we relaxed in utter bliss. It was SO QUIET. I read, fished, hiked, and painted. Bald eagles were nesting just across the lake. I wish I could go there yearly and totally de-stress. My son got spoiled; now he thinks that fishing means dropping a line in totally clean water, in an uncrowded, beautiful environment, and multitudes of fish compete for the privilege of your lure! Anyhow, here are some photos, and also a little of my sketch journal.

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