Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my street and a potato head

Life is pretty good. If I had to complain, which I shouldn't, I guess my house and my waist have borne the brunt of grad school. However, with a little scrubbing and organizing, and a little extra running (and some good surf days!) life should be back in order. No permanent damage.

On the positive side, this is my street right now, thick in the middle of Jacaranda bloom. It's ridiculously messy and stinky, but just look at how awesome. Some days, first thing in the morning, all of the lawns and cars are covered in flowers, and it looks like it snowed purple. People have been coming by and taking photos, so I figured I would too.

Then there's the potato head, or Why I Teach. My Cartooning and Caricature students had me crying the last day of class as they presented me this Pirates of the Caribbean Potato Head, signed by the class. They are most awesome, this class, and this is currently one of my most prized possessions. I am looking for a vase shelf to put him on for my office. It pretty much sums up why I teach- I love getting so involved in these little young artists' lives. Plus, I know that at least half of the people on the Potatohead will be famous some day, and then he's going to be a very valuable Potatohead!

I am off to Canada for ten days, for a wedding reception, and then up to a fly-in fishing camp, where I will sleep and read and paint while the man and the boy fish and hunt things. Maybe I'll paint a fish.

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